Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicines which improves the persons physical as well as mental health.It is the gentle and effective system of medicines.The medicines are prepared from natural substances so can be used without side-effects for a long time.

2. Homeopathy proved science or not?

Yes it is proved scientifically.It is the only medicinal science in which the information has been collected by proving the medicines on human being and not on animals as human beings can express their feeling and animals can’t .

3.How to take the medicines?

The medicines are in the pills form.
If you had been given the medicines in the envelope,carefully open the envelope and empty the contents in your mouth without touching the pill.
If it is given in a plastic container take the medicine according to the instructions on the label .

4. Are Homeopathic medicines plain sugar pill ( Placebo )?

No it not true, as the plain sugar pill is the base for the medicines and we are adding the mother tinctures in that which is the important ingredient prepared from natural substances.

5. Is Homeopathic treatment slow acting?

Homeopathy cures the disease from its root cause.Its action is quick and lasts for a longer time.But in few chronic cases it may take time to cure ,but the action of medicines lasts longer.

6. What is the importance of detailed history of the patient in Homeopathy?

Yes the detailed history of the patient is of utmost importance as Homeopathy trets the man in disease and not the disease in man.
As homeopathy believes that the present situation of the case may be due to some past incidences.So it is important to know the detailed past history of patient.It will help the physician to clearyfy the case.

7. Why the Homeopathic physician will not reveal the name of the drug?

For the advantage of patient the physician will not reveal the name of drug.If the patient knows the name of medicine they will take the medicine by their own which will disturb the disease picture and further treatment.

8. Why strong Aroma or Taste should be avoided while taking Homeopathic medicines?

It is true because strong Aroma or taste may interfere with the action of medicine.