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If you are suffering from joint pains it may be Arthritis that affects the muscle and skeleton system, mainly the joints. It is mainly observed in old age people and ones who are suffering from obesity. It is a combination of diseases comprising various medical conditions. Osteoarthritis is general kind of arthritis seen elderly patients and sometimes at early age. In order to come to a conclusion about this disorder, knowledge on joints and its functions is important.

A joint is stated has a link between one bone to the other. Ligaments hold the bones and make the muscles contract or expand to move, another substance cartilage helps in smooth functioning of the bones. Joint is circled by a capsule and is fluid is produced from synoveme in the joint cavity. Arthritis occurs when there is malfunctioning of joints, deficiency of fluid, Lack of cartilage and various other factors. There are multiple forms of arthritis. Some common forms are discussed.

Osteoarthritis is a disorder due to loss of elastic nature in cartilage and gets more damaged. The cartilage will exhaust in some locations. As a result cartilage gets damaged tendons and ligaments expand, causing ache. In turn the bones polish against each other causing very severe pain. The symptoms generally observed are pains in joints, there will be crushes or cracks on adapting pressure to joints. The joint will be rigid, especially in mornings. The patients feel difficulty in using the joint. Some patients experience an irritating sensation when they use the joint. Hard clots may appear in and around the joint. In some cases the joint swelling is occurred. The most common affected parts are the hips, hands, knees and spine.
Rheumatoid arthritis is a disorder due to inflammation. The synovium is bombarded leading to swells and ache. Proper treatment avoids distortion. This arthritis is basically more commonly seen in women than men. The symptoms include patient often observes same joints of each side are painful, puffed-up, inflamed, and rigid. The fingers, arms, legs and wrists are affected. Worst cases can be noticed in the morning. The joint is delicate when touched. Hands may be red and swollen. They easily become tire and lose weight. It commonly affects smaller parts of the body.

Infectious arthritis is caused due to the infection in the synovial fluid and tissues. Elements like bacteria, fungi and virus are responsible for this infection. They travel through the blood stream, some of the symptoms are patient suffers from fever, joint inflammation and puffing. He will feel crushing and cramping. Commonly affected areas are the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger.
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is observed mainly in children. Three forms are commonly observed are Pauciarticular JRA, the most mildly. Polyarticular JRA affects more severely. JRA is the least one. The symptoms are the patient will experience inconsistent fevers which are peak in the evening and then suddenly diminishes, weight loss, blotchy rashes on his arms and legs. Anemia is also common. The child may experience a rigid neck, hips.
Homeopathic treatment for different forms of arthritis would be a great idea, which involves natural therapies and procedures. The drugs prepared comprise of less medicines so it is safe for children and doesn’t exhibit side effects. In this approach homeopaths concentrate only on the symptoms of arthritis. A step by step cure is observed in homeopathy; in early stages of the disorder simple medication is prescribed in later stages prolonged supervision is done. Apart from above proper nutrition, Regular medication, and exercise helps in fast healing. Online homeopathy, the next level homeopathy has been introduced to get the treatment done more easily from your physical location which saves money and time.