Anemia can be observed in people of all age groups who are infected by a disorder or weakness .If the quantity of RBC falls under normal level then it leads to anemia. RBC involves in delivering oxygen to various parts of the body hence less production of RBC initiates serious problems in the body.

Anemia due to iron deficiency is commonly observed in children and women of all ages, and women surpassing Menstruation. Sickle cell anemia is another disorder in this category and it affects major sections of people around the globe. In addition it is hereditary and caused due to genetic variations. Aplastic anemia is a another form of disorder where no more cells are produced by the bone marrow it leads to dreadful issues and commonly observed in adults as well as children. Some of the dreadful diseases and infections also result to anemia disorders.

The symptoms of anemia differ accordingly they are iron deficiency results in fatigue, pale skin, and weakness. If anemia cause due to major problem in ulcers, you may experience dizzy and weakness. Severe anemia can cause severe deficiencies of oxygen. People with this disorder may get serious ischemia in their feet, sometimes requiring amputation. People suffering from sickle cell anemia are at high risks of strokes.

Anemia does not occur itself rather it is a reaction resulted due to other diseases .The common factor leading to anemia is because of energy loss. Many women loss their energy at the time of menstruation and they don’t consume sufficient nutrients. Bleeding due to various gastrointestinal diseases and high dosage remedy consumption can be a cause.

Insufficient iron in the food is the main cause for iron deficiency. Iron is required by the body to produce hemoglobin and it is required to transfer the oxygen in the body. Due to less iron other vitamins get deficient. Infants, conceived women, and teenagers require more quantities of iron. Individual RBC must be replaced periodically by bone marrow. Infected bone marrow leads to Aplastic anemia. Viral hepatitis and severe Rheumatoid Arthritis can lead to anemia. Fanconi anemia is a typical anemia due to insufficient bone marrow. Diseased kidneys lead to hormonal imbalance and it obstructs the production of RBC. This disorder can observe if the cells are getting destroyed quicker than production. Spleen breaks the cells and washes the impurities in it. Sickle cell anemia is inherited disorders acquired from parents. Anemia is quiet commonly seen at times of diseases like cancer.

Homeopathy can be safe for disorders like anemia. Apart from consuming proper iron food, regular exercise, homeopathic procedures treats typical cases of Anemia. The remedies improve iron absorption and generate sufficient amounts of RBC. Homeopathy does not constitute any side effects, so this approach can be great for anemia. Online Homeopathy is future of homeopathy where the person is treated online. This technology acts as an interface between victim and the expert homeopathy.