What is Back Pain?

Pain felt in back is treated as back pain. Back pain is the most common problem faced by many people and it may not be dangerous all the time. Back pain can be seen anywhere on the spine, pain felt in lower back is called as lumbago, near neck is called cervical and middle of back or spine is referred as thoracic. Back pain may not be caused due to underlying or serious diseases. It is may also be caused due to stress, excess work and many more. Pain in back can range from mild to severe and may also effect the productivity and concentration. In few cases back pain can lead to weight loss, mild fever, swelling in back area, difficulty sitting or standing for long period and the pain may also extend to legs. Though back pain is not life threatening but if the pain lasts for more than a week individual should visit a doctor and take treatment. Back pain is classified into different types depending on the duration of pain like acute, sub acute and chronic back pain.

Homeopathy treatment for back pain

Why back pain causes more in corporate people?

Back pain is caused due to several causes like stress, injuries to muscles and ligaments, joint injuries, herniated disc, sciatica, problems with spine, poor posture, lifting heavy weights, arthritis, skeletal irregularities, osteoporosis, bad mattress, over stretching, intense exercises and excess weight. Age also plays crucial role in back pain. Though back pain is common in all age groups, it is also seen in conceived women. Intense work outs, lifting weights in poor position also leads to back pain and swelling. Accidents and injuries to spine and neck also cause back pain.
Back pain is most commonly seen in corporate people due to sitting for longer hours in front of the desk. Physical inactivity, sitting in poor posture, lack of body movements and obesity are commonly seen in corporate people, they also lead to back pain. Sitting for longer affects severely affect our spine and also leads to spine degenerations. Slouching in front of the computer increases the pressure on spine and ligaments and also leads to joint problems. In few people kidney problems also causes back pain. Individuals can get rid of back pain by yoga, few exercises, massages, acupuncture, stretching exercises and healthy diet.

Homeopathy Treatment For Back Problems

Homeopathy treatment for back problems uses natural holistic way of treatment to treat pain and to give relief. Back problems treatment in homeopathy uses natural remedies in treatment. Homeopathy along with back pain also treats types of back pain like lower back pain and many more. Lower back pain treatment in homeopathy works very effectively and treats the problems. Lower back pain homeopathic treatment is prescribed based on symptoms and individualization theory. Back problems treatment in homeopathy not just focuses on back pain but also improves overall wellbeing of individuals. Homeopathy treatment for back problems has no side effects and is suitable for all age groups.