Back pain takes it place next to headaches and it is densely found ache. The most general reason for pain is major proportion of our body weight is transferred on back. Usually back pain is a case where multiple structures of bone gets affected that includes parts like muscles, cartilage, bones or spinal cord.

Back bone is a complex structure which initiates from head part and ends at hip region, creating a difficulty to scan the actual cause. Anyway it starts usually by general sprains, minor strains, and injuries. It can be noticed many times in your daily life or may be due to some prolonged actions. Other causes may involve bending badly, carrying, pushing, slouching in chairs, twisting, driving for long periods without taking a break, over strain of the muscles. Sometimes back pain attacks suddenly for unknown reasons. And other risk factors include excess weight in the body, smoking addictions, conceiving and degrading the strengths of bones by over treatment process.

The pain usually attacks the lower back, and gradually observed in all sides of back and at times leg. The pain in the back is a sudden cause and may be a result of awkward actions. The pain may rise to a disaster during night, at activity, long drives or continues sitting. Lying in flat position may help the cause. Middle back ache can occur in between the base of neck and bottom of rib cage. This is called thoracic spine. If a nerve is damaged in this area you may experience pain in regions like arms, chest. Flexibility of bones gets reduced as we move up from low to middle, this can reason for pain. Symptoms include dull, burning, or sharp ache and tightened muscles. Pain in above areas of back covering neck and shoulders might be a cause of various reasons.

Ache at lower areas towards the buttocks and legs may be a sign for sciatica. Tenderness, muscle weakness is a result of slipped disc. In this case, the pain usually develops down your leg. Lower back pain, buttock pain, stiffness and pain in the sacroiliac joint are all possible symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis. Knee pains at old age could be a reason for back aches. Neck pain and stiffness, headaches and lower back pain are common symptoms of whiplash.

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