After the consumption foods they are transformed into a sugar substance namely glucose which acts as the main source for the body. It transfers into the body and circulated to all parts of body and produces energy. For this process to happen a material known has insulin is generated by pancreas, beta cells in this organ produces insulin in required quantities according to the body needs. If case of Diabetic victims, this production may be irregular or irresponsive. Diabetes is a disease, which causes issue in the procedure by which food is broke down and used as energy. It is a chronic state typically due to presence of high glucose in body. If not treated properly it can cause dreadful threats to heart disease, Kidney Problems, stroke, blindness. Diabetics are mainly occurred in three forms according to the physical and mental circumstances in both genders.

In Type 1 Diabetes is due to production of very less insulin. It is mostly noticed in minor citizens and less proportion of people is affected by this disorder. Type 1 Diabetes is expected to occur due to automatic immune reaction. During this reaction the body’s resistance system combats with the healthy cells and tissues in body. In this Diabetes, it is thought that the body destroys the insulin-forming beta cells in the pancreas, leading to inability of insulin production. According to the study virus and other physical factors including dietary factors and pressure leads to such drastic situation. In Type 2 Diabetes the pancreas produces insulin, but that may not meet the needs of body. But the cells of vital organs like liver, kidney develop a resistance towards insulin. “Adult on site Diabetics, as name suggests People irrespective of gender and age develops this disease, they require frequent insulin injections. Major section of people is affected by this diabetic form. It also can be through hereditary, obesity and body doesn’t respond properly to insulin. A Diabetic that is mainly during conceiving is stated has Gestational Diabetics. However it diminishes after conceived It can exhibit symptoms as either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. This disorder is a result of hormonal imbalance during conceiving in women. Some other factors like pancreas process and infections play a key role in occurrence of diabetics. The Type 1 Diabetes symptoms are sudden and severe and in other case of Type 2 symptoms develop slowly. Some of them include, Weight loss, Excessive thirst, Excessive urination, Fatigue, Nausea, irritation, blurred vision.

Homeopathy deals safely with disorders like Diabetics, the treatment includes many natural controlling methods. The remedies manufactured in homeopathy doesn’t comprise any chemicals so less occurrence of side effects. On practicing the method from homeopaths Diabetics can be healed and controlled. Number of victims is satisfied with homeopathic approach, Next generation homeopathic treatment has arrived namely “Online Homeopathy” from where the homeopathy interacts with the persons through internet and provides answers to their queries.