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    Healthy Diet Tips

    February 26, 2014

February 26, 2014

Healthy Diet Tips

Urbanization has increased restaurant culture in recent years and increase in buying potential and affordability of the restaurants has increased in past years. This raise in restaurant culture , frequent junk and fast food has created a new problem of overweight and obesity all over the world especially in developed and developing nations. Today we are facing a problem of under nutrition and over nutrition simultaneously for various kind of molecules in food. Hence all the doctors across the globe are suggesting to have a well-balanced diet to stay healthy. Recent studies have shown that mortality due to obesity related problems is almost 3 times more than mortality due to mal-nutrition and its associated  diseases.

As global economics are changing and crop productivity has increased many populations across the globe are undergoing nutritional transition. And many of the developed countries and developing countries have reported an increasing trends in obesity, overweight and increased burden on economy of the country due to obesity related diseases like hyper tension, diabetes, coronary artery diseases etc. this facts makes us to think about our eating pattern, diet habits and try looking for tips to make our diet / food healthy and well balanced. Let’s discuss some healthy diet tips here.

Start changes when you are young . Starting and inculcating healthy diet practices at early age is the best thing to do. But age should not a obstacle for you to start trying , changing your diet practices. You have time, energy and health to try various suitable options for you if you start young and you can avoid many problems in you r elder and old age if you start young.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Start the changes in your diet habits and keep it simple . Your first step is to educate your family, friends and your loved ones whom you pray for to be healthy and happy. Educate about the healthy diet, its importance and need for chance in current diet practices and about advantages of healthy diet habits. Educating your friends and family will also facilitate you to make a group effort with them which is the most effective way to practice healthy diet habits and to make life style changes.

Eat as a family , having your meals regularly together with family is a simple and great way to connect with your family members and it is the best time to discuss with your kids and family members about proper eating habits ; and this is the best time for kids to try new food , and enables you to learn about the favorite foods of your family members. Enjoy and utilize this time to talk and enjoy the taste of food, texture of food etc.

Avoid engaging in any other activities while having food , especially don’t watch TV while eating. Make TV room a no-eating zone and remove TV sets from your kids bed room . As excessive TV watching will lead to inactivity and mindless munching. Lack of proper activity and regular exercise is a leading cause of overweight and predisposes the children to become obese, so reduce and limit TV watching hours and completely avoid it while having food.Avoid TV

Try experimenting a less calorie version of your favourite food recipe like making a pizza with toasted whole wheat bread, try changing your cooking habits, stop deep oil fries and try roasting and baking . Replace whole milk , yogurt with skimmed milk and low fat yogurt. Try making your regular recopies with whole grain . Make a consistent meals and snack schedule and strictly stick to your plan , make sure that you plan by spacing your meals and snacks sufficiently apart at least by two hours apart and try not to indulge in more than two snacks a day.

Change your stocking options which will lead to a great change in your families heath, as stocking your fridge and cup boards with good food which is nutritious and healthy will make your family have them . Make fresh fruits and vegetables available all the time and encourage your kids to have fresh fruits with you instead of a high calorie snack.

As a family plan a family bike riding, visit a park  play ground together and play a game together. Join a exercise class or a yoga class together , take turns in choosing and planning activities and exercises. Enjoy there fit , fun outings with whole family. You need not change your complete life style and eating habits as a saint to be healthy, but be health conscious and count what you eat.

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