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Diabetes Treatment in Homeopathy

What is Diabetes & how is it caused?

Also known as Diabetes Mellitus at times, diabetes is a group of diseases that are metabolic in nature. Seen increasingly among adults and children these days, diabetes occurs when there is an excessive amount of sugars in the blood. These high blood glucose levels are a direct result of the type of food you eat, and the body’s inability to process and consume glucose from blood stream.

There are many reasons that causes diabetes, but the predominant ones are genetic, obesity and pregnancy. Normally, the insulin is a hormone that extracts glucose from blood and delivers it to other cells for energy. However, when this insulin fails to do its job (insulin-resistant), or body doesn’t produce sufficient amount of insulin, it gives rise to diabetes.

Diabetes is a deadly disease if left untreated and undiagnosed for a long time. This means, over a period of time, it can lead to permanent damage of your nerves, eyes, kidneys, and other organs.

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Based on this, the types of diabetes are:

  • Types 1 Diabetes (When the body doesn’t produce enough insulin)
  • Type 2 Diabetes (When the insulin isn’t able to function effectively)
  • Gestational Diabetes (happens during pregnancy)
  • Prediabetes (pre cursor to Type 2 Diabetes)

Does Diabetes affect everyone?

Here’s the shocking news. India is known as the diabetic capital of the world. In normal cases, it is supposed to affect people over age of 65. However, in recent years, most of the Indian population - from children, teens, adults to senior citizens – is inflicted with some type of diabetes. Over 70 million Indians are currently suffering from some form of diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

  • Increased hunger
  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Weight loss
  • Blurry vision
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Sores taking longer to heal
  • Poor muscle strength (in men)
  • Decrease in sex drive (in men)
  • Erectile Dysfunction (in men)
  • Dry, itchy skin (in women)
  • Urinary Tract Infection (in women)
  • Vaginal yeast infection (in women)

Causes of Diabetes:

  • Genetic factors and family history
  • Unhealthy diet and lifestyle
  • Carrying extra belly weight
  • Obesity
  • Virus setting off immune system attack
  • Environmental factors
  • Hormonal changes and excessive weight gain during pregnancy

Homeopathy treatment for Diabetes

If diabetes is not controlled soon enough, it can wreak havoc in the system, causing long-term damage to your organs and overall health. In order to avoid such an extreme situation, homeopathy has found the perfect diabetes treatment .

In constitutional homeopathy therapy, the treatment is approached in a holistic manner, which provides over all wellbeing to an individual. It takes into account various factors that constitute a human being, such as physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, and social factors. Examining all these - along with your family and medical history, your temperament, and other issues - it develops a treatment plan that is customized specifically for your body type.

At Homeocare International, we follow this homeopathy treatment for diabetes , studying the root cause of the disease, and finding a long-lasting solution to keep it under control.

Our expert homeopaths formulate natural remedies that are safe, painless, and have no side-effects. Instead of suppressing your symptoms and providing temporary relief, these remedies focus on improving your overall health permanently, in a holistic manner. Blood sugar control and stimulating a healthy amount of insulin secretion are a few things that happen as a result of our treatment.

Diabetes treatment in homeopathy further includes effective utilization of insulin by cells, thus keeping future serious complications at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes is a systemic metabolic disease. Although by itself, it isn’t life threatening. But if left untreated for a long time, it spreads throughout the body and affects important organs such as the kidney, eyes, nerves – leading to their permanent damage, and often, death. However, if treated at the right time, then one can lead a perfectly normal, healthy and long life.
One major cause of diabetes is premature obesity and excessive weight gain. Hence, consistent and regular exercise and cardio certainly helps in keeping diabetes under check.
If you want to control or prevent diabetes, avoid foods that are high in refined sugar and carbohydrates. Caffeine and alcohol are also not very favorable. Instead, opt for fiber-rich foods and leafy vegetables. Have a healthy, balanced diet, and avoid junk food in general.
Homeopathy for diabetes provides a natural, safe and reliable method for controlling diabetes on a long-term basis. These natural remedies are painless and free from side-effects. They regulate your blood sugar levels and keep diabetes in check, enabling you to live a happy, healthy life.


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