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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders cases increased rapidly in recent past, possibly due to the effect of society’s insistence and gaining inspiration to be lean. Eating Disorders can be a result various estates connected with genetic, traumatic, and nutritional causes. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the two most common types of disorders seen predominantly in women.

Anorexia nervosa can be occurred due to psychiatric circumstance where people don’t consume food properly in the fear getting obese. This disorder usually observed in between adolescence and young ages. Bulimia nervosa is another eating disorder which occurs due to uncontrolled eating spree, usually practiced in improper manner of trying and avoiding the food. And some signs of this disorder are, this is vomiting or misuse of laxatives, enemas, or diuretics. It’s also sometimes known as “binge-purge syndrome.” In few typical cases people with bulimia don’t cleanup, but will undergo excess eating and then they commit for less eating sessions with performing other tasks such as starving or additional exercising. A person with second kind of disorder may secretly consume excess food anywhere in a period then gradually turns it into a habit. In most cases, this is followed by vomiting. A person with bulimia may use as many laxatives at an interval. This disorder can be seen commonly in the latter part of childhood or early adult periods.

Eating Disorders are generally considered from psychological point of view. However disorders like depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar effective. Are currently caused due to various genetic and functional alterations in the brain. People suffering from both the disorders have distraction with body image, weight, and eating. They also have a disturbed personal body image and an obese phobia.

Even though factors o the society have great impact on the development of these disorders, there are other multiple factors. Genetic and hormonal factors play prominent roles; people with eating disorders are at a risk genetic predisposition and then illness. If the ancestors have suffered from disorders like depression, anxiety and addicted to alcohol can acquire you this disorders. The relationship between eating behaviors and various hormones are managed by brain and it involves several digestive hormones in this process.

People infected by anorexia nervosa observe severe sick, sometimes their ribs can be seen through the skin. Other signs are constipation, dehydration, depression, faintness or weakness, low BP, they feel hungry and suffocating since calorie intake is low, people with this disorder suppress this discomfort and usually lose the ability to practice normal hunger cases. If the onset of this disorder results prior puberty, this shows a great impact on hormone development in woman. Severity of disorders leads to chronic malnutrition, exhibiting damaging effects on the body.

Homeopathy treats the whole person, rather than eating disorder. What ever might be the cause homeopathy controls the person with a positive approach. By analyzing the symptoms of the victim, it creates a balance in between the emotional and physical states. Therefore, this result in some relieve from eating disorders. Counseling can be effective; however, in combination with Homeopathy approach is much more familiar. Monthly checkups are done to ensure long term healing. Online Homeopathy the future generation homeopathy treats the persons online. The website acts has an intermediate between persons and doctors. Where, people can expose their disorders in form of queries, in turn they get response from expert homeopathy.


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