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What is PCOS & how is it caused?

PCOS is an epidemic that is slowly plaguing all of India’s female population. One of the most prevalent and deadly of all female disorders, PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Here, polycystic refers to ‘multiple cysts’, which are found in the ovaries of afflicted women in the form of immature eggs.

This disease affects the endocrine system of a woman’s body, causing imbalances in the hormonal levels. This, in turn, results in irregularities in menstrual cycles, and makes it hard for a woman to get pregnant.

Often, women who have PCOS complain of skipping their periods for months on end, having extreme and frequent pain in their pelvic area. Also known as Stein Leventhal Syndrome or hyper androgenic anovulation, PCOS is seen in women who are in their reproductive age.

Let us now examine this disease in depth, and discover how homeopathy works wonders in its PCOS treatment , nurturing one back to good health.

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  • Insulin Resistant PCOS
  • Inflammatory PCOS
  • Hidden-cause PCOS
  • Pill-induced PCOS

Does PCOS affect everyone?

Women in their reproductive years are most likely to have PCOS. It is more common in women who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have an unhealthy diet. Shockingly, the current scenario is such that 1 in 5 Indian women are being diagnosed with PCOS. Moreover, according to statistics, 10-15% of women in their child bearing age have PCOS, with many of them being undiagnosed yet.

Symptoms of PCOS:

  • Irregularity in periods
  • Weight gain
  • Heavy bleeding during periods
  • Body hair growth
  • Acne
  • Headache
  • Problems in conception
  • Skin darkening
  • Frequent miscarriages

Causes of PCOS:

  • Obesity
  • Genetic factors
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Smoking
  • Diet rich in trans fat
  • Pollution and environmental factors
  • Excessive consumption of sugar

Homeopathy treatment for PCOS

In Homeopathy, PCOS is approached in a constitutional and holistic manner. Here, an individual is treated as a separate entity, and as a sum total of their past and present experiences. Accordingly, the PCOS treatment is prescribed, not as a generalized, one-time treatment for all (as in conventional medicine), but as a customized and curated treatment that’s best suited for that individual.

At Homeocare International, we follow the same approach of constitutional homeopathy therapy for PCOS.

Our dedicated team of expert homeopaths formulates remedies that are safe, reliable and 100% natural. They take into consideration different aspects of an individual such as family history, medical records, past traumatic experiences, genetic makeup and other social, psychological, and emotional factors before prescribing the correct treatment.

Following these treatments, you can bring your hormonal levels to normal, regularize your menstrual cycle, reduce your hirsutism, and create a suitable internal environment for getting pregnant in future.

These remedies can reverse the symptoms of PCOS, in a painless and non-invasive procedure. This means, there is no need of any surgical procedure, Laporoscopy treatment or hormone therapy, which is a common practice of conventional medicine, and comes with its own set of ugly side-effects.

Homeopathy treatment of PCOS is by far the safest and most effective treatment in curing PCOS. After over a decade of treatment, we’ve had a very high success rate and received overwhelming responses from women who have reversed their PCOS following our remedies.

Frequently Asked Questions

PCOS is a leading cause of infertility in women. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome results in multiple cysts in ovaries that cause irregular ovulation. This, in turn, means that there aren’t enough eggs released to be fertilized. Hence, this automatically reduces a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

If you have PCOS, then a few common diseases you might encounter are – sleep apnea, endometrial cancer due to irregular ovulation, and depression.

Hirsutism refers to the excessive and unnatural growth of body hair in different parts of the body such as legs, hands, and even chest of a woman. It is one of the most common symptoms of PCOS.

PCOS treatment in homeopathy involves a safe, natural, and painless method of balancing your erratic hormonal levels, reducing hirsutism, and reversing other symptoms of PCOS. These remedies restore your innate ability to become pregnant, enabling you to enjoy maternal bliss and lead a healthy life.


***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person